Vallila Interior, a renowned Finnish textile design company, is proud to announce that it has launched its Vallila Collection on Target.com. The Collection consists of fun and colorful accent furniture, featuring Vallila’s unique prints. The Collection features eight designs (names used by Target...
In August 2014, Vallila is launching a new collection of wallpapers. The ambience of the collection takes your mind to that misty moment of daybreak, which is at once serene and full of pulsating possibilities, for when yesterday is forgotten, and the first rays of a new day start showing new...
Vallila’s AW14 collection ”Brave New You”(Uskalla olla uusi) invites us to look around us. This collection has been created from independent parts that complement each other. It brings together various units, tests prevalent norms, the changing of understanding and doing things, reconstructing a...



We create spaces which we fall in love with, live in and can treasure them. We have decades of experience in accomplishing projects; using different materials, decorating and building.

We create aesthetic and functional public spaces from floor to ceiling all around the world. As well as hotels, offices, schools and nurseries – we also decorate cruise ships and ocean liners. Vallila Interior International serves the Eastern European markets with the same Vallila -passion.


We represent more than a hundred international brands of interior design in Finland. Good access to manufacturers' factories allow for customised orders and fast delivery to homes, businesses, interior design projects, and for wholesale. The collections of Vallila’s brand representations are built keeping the designers’ needs in mind, we know the international brands and are always on the hunt for products ahead of their time, in order to create spectacular, safe, practical and high quality interior spaces. The range consists of products which can be ordered directly to our showroom. Our main brands include Création Baumann, Sahco Hesslein, Designers Guild and Ralph Lauren. In furniture the best known brands are Viccarbe, Bene, Walter Knoll and Moroso. Lamps, rugs, wallpaper and paints can also be found from under the same roof.


Our marketing team is always looking for creative idea! When the message is important and we share the same values, we are fully involved in co-operations with both online, in print and in at event locations. We love music, art, text, moving image and bringing people together in their own areas of expertise. We have interior design professionals and large stocks of fabrics available for good causes.

Join the Vallila team?

We are constantly looking for new, eager talent with the Vallila spirit. Check out Vallila as an employer and apply to be part of the energetic team! The company employs 130 professionals at the Vallila head office, shop-in-shops, warehouses and out of house sales positions all around Finland.


Vallila have decades of experience in reforming of public spaces, and it shows. We are involved in creating new and renewing the old both in land and at sea. Hotels, offices, retail spaces, restaurants and ocean liners are all familiar projects for us. Browse the latest developments and fall in love!